How do I order microchips for my clinic/shelter?

Clinics and shelters can now order microchips from the BC Pet Registry Shop! To get started, please create a Shopify account for your clinic or shelter.

Once you have activated your account, select the appropriate product collection (veterinarian or shelter) here. Finally, select your BC Pet Registry products and add them to your cart!


How are microchips sold?

Microchips are sold in packages of 20 with either Annual or Lifetime registrations. For more details, please visit our product pages.


What kind of payment do you take?

We accept credit card payments. You can pay by credit card at checkout and shipping fees will be added based on your location.

Can I log on to the BC Pet Registry Shopify Store with my BC Pet Registry account log in details?

You must create a separate Shopify login to access the BC Pet Registry store. Please create an account by following this link.

Do I have to be registered with the BC Pet Registry to use the shop?

Yes! Registration is free and easy for veterinary clinics and shelters and allows you to search pet identification in the case a pet is lost, purchase microchips, and take advantage of other BC Pet Registry features.

To register, please visit our website.

How do shelters access their BC Pet Registry store?

To access the store as a shelter, please login using your Shopify account details. Once you are logged in, you can take advantage of shelter pricing.

I am having problems with my order. What do I do?

We would be happy to help! Contact us at: info@bcpetregistry.ca or by phone at: 1-866-622-7722 and we can help you sort this out.